Friday, June 12, 2009

busy time

Hi all,

Last day of school was 6/10, yippee. It will still be a very busy month. Next week, I have to drive to Perrysburg,OH for advanced bus driver classes. I have to be re-certified every six years, thanks to a federal law. Last time, I was all by myself at the classes, this time, there are four of us going so I will be with some friends for the three day session.

My mom is coming for her annual summer visit on the 20th. That means I will have one day to get the house in order! EEEEKKKK! Things slip a bit during the school year and with three cats and one dog, there is always a lot to do.

Fred is retired now but I don't want to put all the cleaning chores on him. I like things done my way in any case.

I will be driving to Pittsburgh on 7/7. Kelly is TAD to the 257th Army Band, also known as "our Nation's Band." She will be doing exhibition dancing during the concert band performances. On July 7th, she will be performing at the Soldiers and Sailors Museum in Pittsburgh. I have read that it is an interesting place to visit. The performance will be inside, the auditorium, do I don't have to worry about the weather. I'm hoping to be able to take Sam with me, but don't have confirmation yet. Kelly is Sam's godmother, his aunt and loves him to bits! I hope I will be able to take him on the trip just for Kelly!

I'll try to get some good photos from Pittsburgh to post with my next entry.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20

In my life, today was not too nice. It was cold, my bus was cold, many students missed the bus... But, the worst is today's inaguration events. I am sickened and sad that President Bush, Laura Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Lynn Cheney, had to endure the, not surprising, considering the crowd, insults and boo's. Just in case no one knows, President George W. Bush was a compassionate, caring, patriotic, intelligent man, who did what he thought best to protect the United States of America! Duh, have we been safe for the last seven years?

I am sickened by the main stream medias accolades on a stilted, insulting and lost in another world's, inaguration speech. I. E., no clue! I am sickened by mrs. obama being absent when each of the United States military units passed by in parade. I am sickened by the animation and enthusiasm of the obama's when union and gay/lesbian units passed in parade. I am sickened by the main stream media's obsession on what mrs. obama will wear to the ball! BTW, I just saw it and she looks, ah, not good. I would look the same in that dress but I would hope that I would make a better choice! Funny aside, BO just asked the crowd, "how good does my wife look?"

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow, oh my! Hope all of you are fairing better!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Welcome to Gahanna, OH

Hi All,

Welcome to Gahanna, OH, home of the Tongol Family! Gahanna is a suburb of Columbus. We are a few miles east of the big city. Gahanna was selected by Money Magazine as one of the top 100 places to live in their 2007 poll. We moved here in 1987. Gahanna was small. Now it has grown a lot. We have all the conveniences. Shopping and services are only a few minutes drive. It is a nice place to live and a lot less hectic than my hometown of Chicago.

We used to be four, Fred, Nancy, John and Kelly. Now we are six. John is here in Gahanna with his son, Sammy. Kelly is far away in Washington DC. Why are we six? Now there is Fred, Nancy, Daisy, Maribel, Andre and Charlene.

Here are some photos. Check back, when I get the hang of this, I will blog more!